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Chapter 193

“I’m sorry boys, but it’s way past your bedtime. Say goodnight to Aunt Tori.” Dorothea instructed her two youngest.

“Don’t want to. I want to stay and dance!” Jake pouted.

“Me too!” Romeo’s yawn ruined the effect.

Tori smiled. “I want to thank you both for being here today. You did a great job, and it wouldn’t have been the same without you. Don’t tell your daddy, but you’re much better dancers than him.” She winked at them and kissed them goodnight.

“We know.” Jake nodded.

“I heard that!” Jon scowled as he came up to say goodnight to his sons. He turned to his sister. “Dad’s looking for you.”

Tori stifled a sigh and went in search of John Sr. She was sure she’d danced with everyone here tonight – some more than once – and she was tired. It had been a long, emotional day, and she was really looking forward to being able to escape to their room, just the two of them.

After another half hour of dancing and mingling with their guests, Tori’s feet were aching and she’d about had enough. She let out a relieved breath when she saw Karin approaching with her throw away bouquet. Taking her position, she surveyed the group of single women gathered on the dance floor, turned and tossed the flowers in a high arc. She turned back amid the shrieks and giggles to see Karin emerge victorious. Their eyes met and Tori grinned.

Suddenly she felt hands grip her waist. Familiar hands. “My turn!” She was lifted up onto the stage where a chair was waiting for her. With a long suffering sigh, she watched her husband hike himself up to join her. He dropped to his knees in front of her, and slid his hands under her skirt. His fingers closed around her ankles and then slid slowly up over her calves to her knees and beyond, over the garter, until he felt the top of her stockings and the belt clips. Brown eyes twinkling, he waggled his brows at her. She smirked back at him.

“Booooo! Boring! Come on Sambora, is that the best you got?” Came from someone in the crowd – she wasn’t sure who.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Richie snorted. The gleam in his eyes gave her a pretty good inkling of what he was going to do. His hands retraced their path. Grasping the hem of her skirt he started to lift it. He got to her knees, when the wolf whistles made him rethink letting the animals see his wife’s attributes. Instead, he ducked his head under the silk. Tori inhaled sharply at the sensation of his hot breath caressing her skin. She gasped when his lips touched her bare inner thigh. Suddenly she jerked and pushed at his head as she felt his teeth nip her tender flesh. “Richie!”

His head emerged, garter clenched between his teeth. Easing her shoe off, he pulled the garter off completely, and swirled it around his finger triumphantly. Back to the group of single men gathered in front of the stage, he stretched the elastic experimentally a few times, then let it fly. Tori laughed to see David come up with it and raise it to his lips. Then he turned and blew a kiss to Karin. Tori eyed them speculatively.

Tori started to stand, but Richie put a hand on her shoulder and shook his head. When she relaxed back in the chair he walked back to the band and brought out another chair, setting it beside her. A microphone was set up in front of the chair and Richie accepted the guitar that was held out to him before sitting beside her.

“I have a song I’d like to sing for my wife. I wrote it several years ago, but it has never been more true or had more meaning for me than it does today. I love you angel.”

When I look at you, you're beautiful.
There comes a time in someone's life,
When you find the things that matter.
And every time we touch, the love runs deep.
We realize it's ours to keep,
And that's all that really matters.

You'll always be my sweet addiction,
In this life my saving grace.
You're all that really matters, you know it's true.
Ain't no me without you.

When you're in the dark, baby don't dispare.
I'm just a spark away, I will be there,
And that's all that really matters.

You'll always be my sweet addiction,
In this life my saving grace.
You're all that really matters, you know it's true,
Ain't no me without you.

We'll share our lives together,
Yes our flame burns on forever.
And at the final curtain call,
We can say we did it all.

You'll always be my sweet addiction,
In this life my saving grace.
You're all that really matters, you know it's true,
Ain't no me without you.

And when we turn to dust, and we fly away,
There'll be a light still burning bright.
And that's all that really matters.

Tears running freely down her face, she could hardly wait until he set aside the guitar before throwing herself into his lap. Damn Samboras finally got me! She wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his neck. “I love you too.”

He held her close for a long minute, then sat her up. “That’s it. We’re out of here.”

She frowned “Richie! We can’t leave yet.”

“Sure we can. We’ve done all the required traditions. It’s our day, and we’ve shared enough of it.” Standing, he grabbed the mic. “Tori and I would like to thank everyone for sharing our special day with us. We hope you’ll stay and enjoy yourself as long as you like, but I’m stealing my bride away now. We’ve got a long trip ahead of us tomorrow and she needs her rest.” Laughter and rolled eyes followed that statement.

They made the rounds saying goodnight to their families. They had to pull Ava and Jenny from the dance floor.

“Can I stay with Karin tonight instead of Nana?” Ava begged.

“That’s up to Karin. She may want a night to herself. Besides, Nana would be lonely without you.” Tori answered.

“No worries. Jenny’s going to stay too. We’re going to have a pajama party after this.” Karin assured them having arrived in time to hear Tori’s reply.

“And Nana won’t mind. She says that I hog the bed.”

Tori smirked. “Must be a Sambora trait.”

“That’s called cuddling, not hogging angel. And I have to, to keep warm, since you hog the covers!” Richie protested.

“That’s a Bongiovi trait.” Carol informed him, joining the group.

John Sr. winked at his daughter. “Mission accomplished.”

They chatted for a few more minutes, until Richie’s patience ran out. Tori shrieked when he swept her up into his arms and started walking towards the door. Looking over his shoulder she waved at the laughing crowd watching them.

In the lobby, a hotel staff member saw them and rushed to push the elevator call button for them. Richie grinned his thanks. They were quiet during the ride up. Entering their suite he set her on her feet, and frowned when she kissed him lightly and pulled away.

“Angel? What’s wrong?”

She grimaced. “Nothing, It’s silly.” She wandered around the room and seeing a bottle of sparkling cider in a bucket of ice, moved to open it and pour them both a glass.

Stripping off his tie, he watched her walk back to him and took the glass she offered. He could feel the tension, and….something else radiating from her. “Baby? Tell me…”

“It was a nice ceremony don’t you think?” She interrupted him. “The kids were adorable and did a great job. I almost died when they put on those Tigger ears! And where did the girls get those fangs? Shirley must have gotten them for them. Although, all in all I’d have to say that he wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought he might be.”

“Tori stop.” He pressed a finger to her lips to halt the flow of words. He’d never seen her like this. She was actually babbling. Then it hit him. “You’re not nervous are you?”

She groaned and spun away from him. “I told you it was silly. I don’t know why I’m nervous. It’s not like we haven’t done this before. I don’t know why a ceremony, a ring, and piece of paper makes it feel different.”

He fought very hard not to laugh. He knew she wouldn’t appreciate it. “Angel, come here.” He set aside his glass. When she reached him he set her glass beside his and took her in his arms and just held her. “Relax babe. It’s just you and me.”

She leaned against him, letting the familiar feel of his arms and his scent surround her and calm her. After several minutes, she sighed and pressed her lips to the bit of his chest revealed by the open neck of his shirt. Moving up she nibbled on his adam’s apple then pulled back.

“Angel?” While he could sense that her nervousness was gone, there was still some tension emanating from her.

She smiled gently at him, raised up on her toes and kissed him softly. “Hold that thought. I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?”

She pointed to the bathroom. “To take off this veil and get ready for bed.”

“Leave the dress on.”

She grinned. “I have to. I can’t get out of it without help.”

Chapter 194

In the bathroom, Tori removed her veil and began her normal bedtime routine, vaguely aware of Richie moving around in the bedroom. Face scrubbed, teeth cleaned, she automatically reached for the little packet of pills and popped one into her hand. Turning on the tap she reached for a glass, then stopped and stared down at the tablet nestled in her palm. What did she want? Was she ready for a baby? Were they ready for a baby? She knew Richie thought he was, even though he wasn’t pressuring her. Hell everyone knew how badly he wanted another child. Ava, Karin, even her family were pushing her towards motherhood. Her independent core automatically pushed back against that pressure. Setting that aside, she tried to focus on how she truly felt. She loved Richie. She wanted to give him everything he wanted, everything he needed, to be happy. But were they ready? Was he sufficiently in control of his demons? If he wasn’t was she confident enough in her ability to help him? A baby! A little piece of both of us. A legacy of our love.

In the bedroom, Richie turned back the covers and started to undress. Toeing off his shoes he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and glanced towards the bathroom. He was amused at her nervousness, when they were anything but strangers, but he knew what she meant. It did feel different. More…. settled, more….. committed, if that was even possible. Tonight was not going to be about just consumating their marriage, or a release of passion or a search for physical pleasure and satisfaction. Tonight was a new beginning. The beginning of their joint life. From this day forward they would be forever linked. That thought might make some apprehensive, but it brought him peace and contentment, knowing that she would always be a part of his life. It also made him eager to get started. Tossing his shirt aside, he glanced towards the bathroom again. She’s been in there a long time. What’s taking so long? Concerned, he went to investigate.

He stood in the open doorway and felt his chest constrict at what he saw. The expression on her face was one of deep thought and indecision. He wanted to help her, but didn’t want to push. He knew this was one she had to make on her own. If he thought begging would sway her thoughts in his favour, he’d plead until his knees were raw. Stepping behind her he set one hand on her waist and met her gaze in the mirror. For long minutes they communicated silently, brown eyes searching blue looking for some clue to what she was thinking, afraid to hope, blue eyes searching brown looking for assurances. He brought his free hand up to cup hers. Eyes locked, he slowly tipped her hand, testing for any sign of resistance, giving her every opportunity to stop him. His heart soared when she didn’t and the small tablet slipped from her palm and down the drain. His brows rose in question. She blew out a breath and nodded. A slow grin spread across his face until it nearly blinded her. His arms wrapped around her and he held her close, lips buried in her neck, eyes shining. “Thank you.”

She turned in his arms, threaded her fingers through his hair, and stretched up in search of his mouth. Finding it, she licked, nibbled, and sucked on his full bottom lip, while her hands kneaded the taut muscles of his back. His arms crushed her against him as he took control of the kiss, all but devouring her, his hands rubbing up and down her back almost feverishly.

The taste of his kiss and the feel of his warm skin under her hands stirred the embers of her passion back to life with a vengeance. Very quickly she felt overheated and constricted by her clothing. She tore her mouth away. “Please…my dress.”

Richie glanced in the mirror and reached for the top button. He fumbled for a few minutes, then stepped back and turned her around so that he could better see what he was doing. She grinned when she heard what she was sure was muffled cursing. “Problem?”

“Damn small buttons. Remind me to let Vera know exactly what I think about these!” He gave a grunt of satisfaction when he finally got the top one open. He fought his way through two more before grabbing her hand and towing her into the bedroom. Sitting on the bed he pulled her between his knees and went back to work on the buttons.

“Stephanie assured me that with your talented guitarist fingers, they wouldn’t be a problem.”

That had him glancing up, eyes wide with surprise – and a tinge of fear. “She’s going to be the death of Jon. I hope Ava doesn’t turn out like her.”

Tori smirked. “Oh don’t worry. She’s going to be worse.”

“What makes you say that?”

“She’s your daughter and has your warped sense of humour.”

“Smartass.” He pinched the cheek closest to him and returned his focus to the buttons. The new level and angle proved much more efficient and in short order the dress was a puddle at her feet. Standing, he lifted her into his arms and placed her gently on the bed.

She lay back and watched his face as his gaze swept her. The structure of her dress meant that she didn’t wear a bra with it, and she’d kicked off her shoes earlier, so all she was still wearing was her garter belt, stockings and panties. She raised her hands over her head and stretched languidly, smiling when his eyes darkened even more and his hands reached for his waistband. She watched greedily as he stripped off the rest of his clothes. Seeing the extent of his desire for her, she felt her insides melt and a slow throb start deep in her core. A shiver ran down her spine at the anticipation of that hard shaft stretching her tender flesh. And she didn’t want to wait. “Hurry!”

Glancing up at her heated murmur, he grinned. “Patience angel.” Although he wasn’t sure how much of that commodity he had himself. He’d been on slow burn since he saw her approaching the gazebo. Right now he was so hard he ached.

Climbing on the bed he straddled her hips and ran just the tips of his fingers over her torso, circling her nipples and plucking them when they stood up for him. He shifted back a little and bent to flick those hard kernels with the tip of his tongue. She whimpered and her back arched, wanting more than that teasing pressure. He shifted back even further and unfastened the garter belt and stockings, removing the belt. Bending he kissed the smooth skin of her stomach, and envisioned it swollen with his child. He nudged her legs apart and knelt in between. Slowly, he rolled one stocking down her leg, and off, kissing the skin he bared in the process. Then he shifted his focus to the second leg. By the time he reached her foot, her movements got his attention, and he looked up to see her wriggling out of the scrap of lace that passed for her panties. He chuckled at her impatience.

All barriers removed, he stroked up her inner thighs, feathery, teasing strokes that had her muscles tensing and her frustration rising. When he reached her molten core, he touched her with just one finger, tracing the swollen folds, flicking her clit and probing her entrance lightly.

“Richie! Baby, please! Don’t tease me anymore, I can’t take it!” She sobbed.

He stared in fascination and awe at the vision before him. Her skin was flushed, and sweat sheened, her delectable body undulating involuntarily. He couldn’t believe his luck that this incredible woman now belonged to him! Legally, morally, in the eyes of God and man, she was his!. Suddenly, he couldn’t wait anymore either. But he reminded himself to be careful. He didn’t know whether it was the two weeks abstinence, all the teasing touches and kisses throughout the day, the idea that she was finally his, or the possiblility of fulfilling his greatest wish and creating a child with her, but he’d never been harder in his life, and he didn’t want to hurt her. Lowering himself onto her, he positioned himself and entered her slowly.

Her hands clutched him close and she cried out as she felt his invasion. She was so tight he forced himself to go even slower and fought desperately to hang on to his control. When he was finally buried to the hilt, he held still. He started to raise up on his elbows to see her face, when she screamed and convulsed with the force of her orgasm. He gave a throttled shout, eyes widening in surprise as the clenching of her warm sheath took him over the edge with her.

They lay panting for long minutes, her hands stroking his back. She kissed his shoulder restlessly. It had been wonderful, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted more.

Blowing out a sighing breath he kissed her neck and raised up on his elbows. “Are you okay?”

She nodded, a dreamy smile wreathing her face. “Mmmm, I’m better than okay.” She flexed her internal muscles to caress his buried flesh.

He sucked in a breath as he felt his body’s response to her teasing. He grinned down at her. “Apparently a side effect of going off like a teenager seems to be the speed of recovery.”

She moaned softly at the feel of her passage once again being stretched to its limits. “Round two?”

Kissing her gently, he started to move. Very quickly, her body matched his rhythm, urging him on. Passion soaring, she gripped his flanks with her knees, and raked his back with her nails. “Mmmmm….God you feel good….so good. More baby please! I need more!”

Bracing his hands, he extended his arms fully and thrust harder. “Like that?” He ground out between clenched teeth, sweat dripping from his face.

Her head was thrashing from side to side. “More…..more…..more!”

Groaning, he lowered himself back onto her, gripped her knees, pushed them flat to the sheets, opening her wide and pounded into her.

“Yes, yes, yes…yes…yes….yes, Richie, YES!”

With a grunt, he released himself deep inside her, and collapsed. Catching his breath he started to lift off of her.

“NO! Don’t leave me yet. I want to feel you inside me.” She pleaded.

Holding her close he rolled onto his back, taking her with him, settling her on his chest, still intimately joined. His hands stroked her back soothingly. “You’re not into foreplay tonight?”

She chuckled. “This whole day has been foreplay!”

He laughed. “I guess you’re right.”

She pressed a kiss to his chest, then slowly sat up, straddling his hips, still impaled. “Complaining?”

He snorted. “Do I look that stupid?”

She let her gaze wander over him. “No, you don’t look stupid at all. You look dark, delicious and sexy as hell.” She licked her lips and stroked his chest.

He groaned. “Baby, you’re going to be the death of me!”

Her smile turned downright sultry. “But not right now.” She could feel his renewed interest.

“God I hope not!” He cupped her breasts in his hands and kneaded as she started rocking her hips.

She braced her hands, fingers curling into his firm muscles as she increased her speed. “Mmmmm….God I love the way you touch me!”

He caressed her breasts, torso and hips as she rode him. This time when she crested the peak, he held onto his control and watched her lose hers. When the last of her shudders had subsided, he rolled her beneath him and started again. He kept his thrusts slow and gentle.

“Richie.” She sighed, her next orgasm building rapidly, muscles tensing.

“That’s it baby, stay with me. Come with me.” He rasped in her ear. “Now!” He thrust deeper yet and heard her scream echo around the room as he emptied himself inside her.

Rolling off of her he pulled her into his arms and they drifted off into an exhausted slumber.

Chapter 195

She was dreaming. But it was more sensations than images. Heat, tingling, excitement, need, desire, tenderness, love. She woke to the feel of his erection once again sliding home. She groaned as her already tender flesh was abraded even more. “Jesus Rich!” Reaching down she gripped his hand at her waist and pressed back against him where he lay spooned behind her. She gasped when he reached as deep as he could. “Gentle babe. Please.”

“Mmmhmm.” Richie bit back his own groan, his swollen flesh almost as tender as hers after their exertions the night before. He hadn’t left her alone after they’d fallen asleep the first time. He’d awakened her twice more to indulge his seemingly insatiable need for her before finally sleeping through until full daylight. “I promise.” Holding her tight, he rocked his hips, slowly, gently, her added tightness increasing the friction and rapidly burning through his control. With a soft cry, she shuddered with her release. Feeling her hot flesh squeeze him he let go and moaned as his body pumped out his boiling tribute to her.

She bit her lip against a groan as he slipped from her body. He kissed her shoulder. “Good morning Mrs. Sambora. You okay?”

She nodded. “Good morning Mr. Sambora. You know babe, getting me pregnant right away isn’t going to do you any good if you kill me in the process.”

He chuckled. “Sorry angel, I didn’t mean to get carried away.” He rubbed her lower belly and kissed her neck. “And it wasn’t about getting you pregnant. Well, not only about that.”

She turned her head to look at him. “Oh? What was it about then? You’ve never been like that before. I mean, you’ve always been ready, willing – eager even, and very, very able, but last night was something else. At one point I was wondering if you were getting some help.”

“Viagra you mean?”

“Well, the thought did cross my mind.” She replied dryly. “For a man your age to be able to go that many times in one night is quite a feat. You would make a twenty-five year old jealous!”

He laughed and hugged her closer. “Naw, I used to be able to do twice that at that age.”

“But not as well, I bet.” Her blue eyes twinkled in appreciation.

He grinned. “Thank you. Last night wasn’t chemically enhanced, it was all you.” He shrugged. “I can’t really explain it myself. I just couldn’t get enough. Just thinking about you being my wife and the mother of my children had me raring to go again.”

“Well, can we take a break for awhile? I don’t think I can take anymore right now.”

He sighed. “Yeah. I could use a rest myself.” He yawned. “And some food.”

“What time do we have to leave?”

He raised his head to look at the clock. “About an hour.”

She groaned. “Hope I can sleep on the plane. If you want to order breakfast, I’m going to hit the shower.” She started to sit up, groaned even louder and dropped back onto the bed. “On second thought, maybe you should go first.”

He frowned. “You’re really sore aren’t you.” It wasn’t a question.

She grimaced. “Every muscle from the waist down feels like it’s been beaten with a blunt object.” She looked sideways at him.

He smirked and leaned down to kiss her. “You order breakfast, I’ll run you a bath.” Rising from the bed, he headed for the bathroom, returning a few minutes later just as she was hanging up the phone. “Come on babe, a good hot soak will make you feel better.” He threw back the covers and scooped her up into his arms.

She laced her arms around his neck. “Well, the last time I had a hot soak with you, I ended up feeling verrrry good.”

His smile was warm with remembrance. “Sorry babe. This time you’re on your own. Otherwise, it’ll just defeat the purpose.” He lowered her gently into the steaming tub and let her soak while he washed as best he could at the sink. When a knock sounded he grabbed a robe and went to answer it, returning with their breakfast tray. Settling on the floor, beside the tub, he proceeded to feed her. When he held out a forkful of fluffy scrambled eggs she crooked a brow at him, but obediently opened her mouth. He shrugged. “I need the practise.”

Amused, she relaxed back in the tub and luxuriated in the soothing heat of the water while her husband fed her breakfast. “Mmmm, I could get used to this.”

He smirked. “Don’t get too comfortable. We don’t have much time.”

When she had eaten all she wanted and he’d cleaned the tray, he lifted her out of the tub and dried her gently. She did what she needed to do in the bathroom, then walked carefully into the bedroom under his watchful eye.

“Any better?”

She nodded. “Some. As long as I don’t have to run anywhere, I should be okay.”

“No problem. We’ll take it easy, and I’ll do any running that needs to be done.”

They dressed and packed, with Richie running from room to room, bringing her whatever she asked for. She zipped up the last bag just as the bellman arrived to pick up their luggage. Tori took a final look around to make sure they had everything, then took Richie’s arm and slowly followed the bellman.

They arrived in the lobby to find their families and Karin waiting. “There they are!” Ava spotted them first and came running over for a hug. Tori took a deep breath, and started making the rounds.

“Everything okay?” Karin murmured.

“Everything’s great. Why?”

“Because your new husband is watching you like a hawk, and you seem a little…..stiff…this morning.” She couldn’t keep the smirk off her face.

Tori blushed. “Shut up. I’m fine. Let’s just say it was a…..long…. night.”

“How are you going to handle sitting on a plane for several hours?”

“By reclining the seat back as much as possible.”

“Maybe you should take a pillow.” Karin couldn’t hold back her laughter any longer, and it only got worse when Tori smacked her arm.

“Mrs. Sambora? Your car’s here.” The hotel manager interrupted politely.

“Thank you. And thank you again for all your help. Everything was beautiful.” Tori shook her hand.

“I would like to add my thanks as well. It was perfect.” Richie joined them.
“I’m glad you liked it. It was a pleasure working with you.”

As the manager walked away Karin turned to Richie. “Take care of her Rock Star. She bruises easily.” Richie flushed dark red and nodded.

“You’re going to be the one with bruises if you don’t shut up!” Tori hissed at her.

“Are you sure you don’t want to leave Ava with me?” Joan asked as she joined them. “I can make sure she gets back to L.A.”

“No, it’s okay Ma. We’ve got to stop in L.A. anyway. We’ll take her home and drop off Tori’s dress and the stuff we don’t need to take with us.” Richie assured her.

“Not that I would know what that might be, since I don’t know where we’re going.” Tori added dryly.

Richie grinned. “Patience angel. You’ll like it, I promise.”

One last hug and kiss for everyone, and the three Samboras climbed into the car and set off for the airport. In L.A., they took Ava to her mother’s. Heather came out to meet them.

“Congratulations.” Heather nodded at them but didn’t smile.

“Mommy! It was beautiful! The gazebo had flowers wrapped all around it and Tori and Daddy sang their vows to each other, and then at dinner, the boys put on Tigger ears, and we put fangs in our mouth and made monkey noises, then we danced a lot and Daddy sang All That Really Matters to Tori, then Jenny and I had a pajama party in Karin’s room, and stayed up late watching T.V. and eating popcorn!”

Despite herself, Heather had to smile at her daughter. “Take a breath Ava.” She turned to Richie. “When will you be back?”

“Two weeks. We’ll be back for Ava’s birthday.” He assured her.

She nodded.“Have a good time. I’ll talk to you when you get home.” She turned and started towards the house, then stopped and turned back. “I hope you’ll both be very happy.”

“Thank you.” Tori answered.

They made a quick stop at the house to drop off the luggage they didn’t need to take with them and headed back to LAX. Richie managed to keep the secret right up until the time they approached the gate by scanning several boards and walking basically in circles. Since she wasn’t very familiar with the large airport – not to mention that she was still focusing on walking without groaning, he was able to get her turned around without her even being aware of it. Even the airline staff helped by understanding Richie’s gesture and not stating their destination when they checked in. When their flight was called he directed her to the gate. She glanced at the sign, stopped dead and her eyes widened. “Hawaii? We’re going to Hawaii?” He nodded. She squealed and threw her arms around his neck.

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