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Chapter 184

They returned to the hotel in plenty of time to get ready – although Richie and Tori were almost late meeting everyone else. Richie got distracted watching Tori dress, and he fought a battle with himself to zip it up instead of tearing the pale blue shimmering material off of her body like he really wanted to. Knowing that Jon was on the fine edge of a nervous fit – and how Tori would react if they were the ones to push him over the edge – was the only thing that stopped him.

“Baby, you look incredible.” He nibbled on her ear as he fastened her necklace.

“Thank you.” She shivered as his hand skimmed down her bare back. “You look damn fine yourself.” She turned to adjust his tie and smooth the collar of his caramel coloured shirt and chocolate brown jacket. He was beginning to let her help him pick out some new clothes, and she was slowly weaning him off so much purple and black – not cutting them out entirely, after all he did look good in them - just adding some other colours.

“So how are the wedding plans progressing Tori? Jon stop fidgeting!” Carol gave her oldest son an exasperated look. He grimaced.

Tori hid her smile and turned to answer. “Really well. Actually, I’m a little worried. Everything’s fallen into place so quickly and easily, I’m thinking I must be forgetting something.”

“Naw, you’re just increadibly well organized angel.” Richie assured her, kissing her temple.

Jon snorted from his chair across their table which was off to one side of the large ballroom. “You used to call it being anal. What changed your mind?”

“She’s not like you. She doesn’t nit pick at every little detail and drive me nuts. You’re just a pain in the ass.”

“Somebody’s got to keep you organized or you’d never get anything done.”

“Boys!” Carol interrupted. “Not tonight.”

Luckily, the waiter arrived with their meals and distracted them. Dinner was followed by speeches. Tori eased her chair back from the table and crossed her legs, baring her legs from mid thigh down in the process. Richie shifted closer, settled his hand on her exposed knee and stroked the smooth skin with his thumb. A soft smile lifted the corners of her mouth and she raised a hand to the back of his neck to play with his hair, raking the skin lightly with her nails. He squeezed her knee.

After the speeches, a band took the stage and the floor was cleared for dancing. Tori was caught up in the music and people watching when she felt a presence at her shoulder. Looking up she found John Sr. standing beside her. “Could I interest you in a dance with the old man?”

She grinned. “I’d love to.” As she stood up Richie looked up to see where she was going. Seeing John, he smiled and turned back to his conversation with one of the Soul coaching staff.

John smirked as he took her in his arms and they started revolving slowly across the floor. “He’s very protective of you.”

Tori smiled indulgently in Richie’s direction. “That’s a nice word for it, and yes, he is.”

“What do you call it?”

“I call it jealousy, he calls it possessiveness.”

“It’s not a bad thing you know.”

“I know – as long as it’s in moderation.” She glanced at Richie again. “I will admit it makes me feel safe and cared for.”

“Good. That’s how you should feel.” He hesitated. “How is everything going with him?”

She knew what he was referring to. “Really well. He starts back to his classes again next week. I was a little concerned about how all he’d handle all of this stuff with Heather, but he came through it with flying colours. Best of all he talks to me about everything. I’m learning the signs of when he’s feeling the urge and how to help him deal with it. I’m very confident he’s going to succeed this time.”

“Good. He’s a good man. I think you’ll be happy together. No, I know you’ll be happy. He’ll treat you right or he’ll answer to me.”

She laughed. “Between you, Carol and Jon…I don’t think he’s going to risk doing anything stupid.”

A little while later Tori was coming back from the bathroom when she heard her name being called. Glancing around she saw Ron Jaworski waving at her. Smiling, she waved back and headed over to where he was standing with several of the Soul players.

“Hi Tori. Enjoying your evening? Can I get you a drink?”

“Hi Ron. Yes, I am, and yes you can. White wine please.” Tori answered.

“Hey, you’re the boss’ sister aren’t you?” One of the players – Mike Brown – asked.

She nodded and held out her hand. “Yes, I’m Tori Adams.” Mike shook her hand.

“Soon to be Sambora I hear.” Ron interjected. She grinned and nodded.

“Damn! I knew I should have been a rock star instead of a football player.” Matt D’Orazio shook his head ruefully.

“You’d have to be able to play an instrument or carry a tune there Matty.” Sean Scott reminded him.

Tori laughed. “And here I thought the quarterbacks got all the girls.”

“No way!” Mike and Sean assured her.

“They’re just pretty boys that can throw. It’s the receivers and the backs that are the real stars of the games and the women know that.” Mike explained, setting off an argument.

“Excuse me guys. I would like to dance with my fiancée.” Richie nudged a couple players aside to reach her.

Tori looked at him, smiled and took his hand. “If I don’t see you guys later, good luck tomorrow.”

“Will you be at the game?” Matt asked.

“We both will.” Richie responded before Tori could. He led her away.

Out on the dance floor she couldn’t keep the smirk off her face.

He saw it. “What?”

“Caveman trying to get out?”

He just grunted, spun her around and dipped her deeply, making her swallow a squeal and grab for his shoulders.

When she was standing on her own again she raised a brow at him. “What was that all about?”

He just grinned and pulled her closer. She laid her head on his shoulder, closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being held in his arms.

The next day they all met for lunch – including Obie who had just arrived – although Jon couldn’t each much. Tori gave him a sympathetic look and tried to ignore the butterflies starting to stir in her own stomach.

At the stadium Jon was kept busy talking to people and doing a couple interviews. The rest of them settled into the box.

“I’ll be glad when this is over.” Dorothea sighed. “I’ve never seen Jon this nervous! He’s driving me crazy!”

Richie was standing looking around the box.

“What are you doing babe?” Tori asked.

“Trying to decide where to sit that I won’t be in the line of fire when you and Jon get going.” He finally picked one and sat down.

Jon had arrived in time to hear his comment. Brother and sister wrinkled their noses at him and blew raspberries in his direction. John, Carol and Dorothea exchanged looks and shook their heads.

Tori leaned over to murmur in his ear. “Be nice or you won’t get the little surprise I have for you tonight.” She bit his earlobe lightly.

He raised heated brown eyes to hers, a speculative look in the dark depths. “Yeah? Have a seat sweetheart. Can I get you something to drink?”

She grinned, sat down and put her feet up. “Yes please.”

Chapter 185

The first quarter see-sawed back and forth and ended with the teams even. The second quarter had a little more excitement. A defensive stop by the Soul followed by an interception by Eddie Moten and a field goal gave Philly a ten point lead at the half. While the mood in the box was upbeat, no one wanted to get too comfortable. Everyone knew that in Arena Football, the story can change in a matter of seconds.

Other than jumping up during the big plays Tori had managed to stay pretty calm and in her seat. Jon was up and down like a yo-yo.

“For crying out loud Jon! Have a drink or something and calm down!” Carol admonished him. “You weren’t this nervous when you were waiting for the release of your first album!”

Richie snorted. “We were too young and arrogant then to realize that we could lose.”

“Not arrogant. Confident.” Jon argued.

“Not so confident today?” Obie asked.

“This is beyond his control.” Tori explained. “He can’t call the plays or carry the ball. All he can do is watch and pray. That’s pretty hard to swallow when you’re used to being the one calling all the shots.”

They all looked at Jon who just grimaced and reached for a glass of wine.

The third quarter was full of sacks and fumbles and made everyone a little jumpy even though the Soul maintained a nine point lead. The fourth quarter tested even Richie’s intestinal fortitude. After Graziani botched a field goal attempt, and his desperation pass was intercepted, then fumbled and finally recovered by the Soul, Tori gave up all pretense of calm and moved to the open area behind the seats where she could pace. Jon alternated between pacing with her and standing in the aisles between the seats.

Pausing behind Richie she extended her hand over his shoulder. “Can I have a piece of gum please?” Wisely saying nothing he reached into his pocket and handed her a piece. She resumed her pacing.

With thirty-nine seconds to go the Soul were up by seventeen and the congratulations started. After a round of hugs – which Tori hoped were not premature – Jon and Richie headed down to the field. A touchdown, recovered onside kick followed by another touchdown bringing San Jose within three points, had her clenching her teeth and looking for hard liquor. When Rod Davis came up with the final onside kick, a relieved breath was released by everyone in the box – and in Philadelphia – as the Soul emerged victorious.

Watching the field fill with players, coaches, owners, management staff and media, Tori saw Richie turn and look up at the box. She smiled and blew him a kiss. He grinned and waved.

“Here.” Carol handed her a glass of champagne and she joined the rest of the group in a few celebratory drinks while they watched the trophy presentation and waited for Jon and Richie to finish their interviews.

A wave from Jon had them heading down to field level to meet them. When Tori reached Richie he hugged her, lifting her clear off the ground.

“Congratulations babe.” She kissed him firmly. Turning her head she looked for Jon. “Hey big brother, are we having a party or what?”

“You bet! I’ve reserved the ballroom at the hotel.”

She turned back to Richie. “Are you going to put me down or are you going to carry me?”

“I haven’t decided yet.”

“Well warn me before you drop me please.”

He set her gently on her feet and gave her a light swat on the rear end. “Smartass.”

She grinned. “Better than being a dumb ass.”

He looked more closely at her eyes. “How much champagne have you had?”

She rolled her eyes. “Just one glass.” She grabbed his hand and tugged. “Come on, let’s go celebrate!”

He shook his head. “You sound just like Ava.”

She raised up on tiptoe to nibble on his ear. “I’ll show you how grown up I am later.”

“Promise?” His dark eyes gleamed.


“Swingman, Sis, let’s go!” Jon yelled and waved at them.

The party was in full swing. Tori turned from the bar, intending to head back to the table when she saw Jon waving at her. She detoured to join him where he was standing with a group of players and their wives. Jon introduced her.

“We were at the concert in Philly for Jon’s birthday, and I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re great!” One of the wives exclaimed, shaking her hand.

“Thank you. It’s been a lot of fun.” Tori smiled.

“You two really do look quite a bit alike.” Another wife commented looking back and forth between the siblings.

Jon laughed. “Yeah, a bit.”

Across the room Carol sat down at the table and glanced around. “Where’s Tori?”

“Over there with Jon.” Richie waved towards them and resumed his conversation with John.

Carol smiled. He hadn’t even looked in their direction. “Do you always know where she is without looking?”

Richie just shrugged and ignored the flush creeping up his neck. John laughed. “Don’t let him fool you honey, he keeps one eye on her at all times.”

“Richie? Are you blushing?” Carol teased. Richie reddened even more. Carol laughed and patted his hand. “I’m sorry. I think it’s wonderful that you watch over her like that. I know she’ll be well looked after.” She glanced around the table. “I actually came to tell you all that the food’s out.”

Richie suddenly stood up. “I’ll go tell Jon and Tori.”

Surprised, Carol watched him walk away. Dorothea nudged her and nodded towards the group surrounding Jon and Tori. Mike Brown had just joined the group and, in response to her congratulations, picked Tori up and spun her around. When he set her down, Sean Scott arrived and the pattern repeated.

Carol and Dorothea exchanged a look and smiled. “A little jealousy isn’t a bad thing.” Carol noted. “Means he’s not taking her for granted.” Dorothea nodded.

“So do you have any big plans now that the tour’s over or are you just going to relax for awhile?” Sarah Graziani asked Tori once the receivers had released her .

“Well, I’ve taken on a position with Bon Jovi Management, plus I’m Richie’s assistant, so between them, I’m sure they’ll keep me busy.”

After the wedding.” A smooth voice interjected over her head.

She could feel the heat from his body warming her back. She tilted her head back. “Hi honey.”

“So the rumours are true then.” Sarah remarked. Tori grinned and nodded. “May I?” Tori held out her hand so that Sarah could see her ring. Sarah looked up at Richie. “Nice job. It’s beautiful.”

He grinned. “Thank you. I tried my best to find something worthy of her.”

“Awwww.” The women sighed. Tori leaned back against him.

“Did you want something man, or did you just stop by to make the rest of us males look bad?” Jon asked dryly.

“Your mom wanted to let you know that the food’s out.” Richie slid his arms around Tori’s waist and squeezed gently. “Hungry angel?” She nodded, excused herself from the group and let him lead her to the buffet.

After they ate, they circulated a bit more, then Richie pulled her out onto the dance floor and into his arms. She slid her arms around his neck, tangled her fingers in his hair and pressed closer. He leaned down until their foreheads were pressed together.

“How much longer do we have to stay?” She kissed him softly.

“We can leave whenever you want.” His hands slid up and down her back.

“I want.” She murmered against his lips. Stepping back she took his hand, and smiled the special smile that she seemed to reserve only for him, the one that never failed to heat his blood.

They stopped by the table on their way out to say goodnight to everyone and pick up Tori’s purse, then headed upstairs.

As the door closed behind them, the do not disturb sign in place, Tori set her purse on a table and towed him into the bedroom. He stopped beside the bed and pulled her into his arms, bending to kiss her, tasting her thoroughly before backing off to sip from her lips.

“I believe you said you had a surprise for me.” His voice was whiskey smooth.

“Mmmhmmm I did, and since you’ve been such a good boy, I guess you deserve it.” She urged him to sit on the bed. Stepping back, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and watched Richie’s eyes follow her fingers. When the material parted, revealing what she was wearing underneath, she heard his breath hiss through his teeth. Pealing off the blouse and letting it drop to the floor she watched his face for his reaction.

His tongue came out to moisten his lips, his mouth suddenly dry as he took in the vision in front of him. The dark purple lace of her bra set off the pale creaminess of her skin and distracted him so much that it was several minutes before he realized that the flower pattern of the lace left a hole in the middle of the flower for her nipple. He swallowed heavily.

She smiled to herself as she saw his eyes darken and his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed. Her hands dropped to the waistband of her pants, opening them and nudging them over her hips, she kicked them aside when they hit the floor.

He groaned. The lace of her panties – what there was of them – matched her bra. What had his heart rate kicking up a notch and sweat breaking out on his brow – not to mention tightening the fit of his pants – was the fact that the lace left an opening, giving free access to her most intimate flesh.

“You like it?”

He nodded, not taking his eyes off her display. “Very much.”

She walked slowly towards him, nudging his knees apart so that she could stand close. One hand stretched out to trace a path down the bare skin of his chest unbuttoning his shirt as she went. When the last button was undone, she pressed both hands to his abdomen and slid them up and over his shoulders, removing the offending material in the process.

Freeing his arms from the sleeves he reached for her, cupping her breasts and teasing her nipples with his thumbs. Her hands framed his face and tipped it up to hers. She bent and traced his mouth with her tongue, sucking at his bottom lip, playing hide and seek with his tongue when he opened for her.

Breaking the kiss she straightened, batted his hands away and reached for the button on his pants, quickly stripping it open and lowering the zipper, releasing his rapidly hardening shaft. She trailed her fingers up and down his pulsing flesh and watched him swell even more. With a groan, he eased her back, stood and stripped off his pants, sending them to join the pile of discarded clothing on the floor.

“Lay on the bed for me.” She urged.

When he obliged she straddled him, just above his waist and caressed the taut muscles of his chest. His hands skated from her knees to her thighs, then one rose to knead a breast and pinch the hard kernel of her nipple, while the other slid up to explore the warm flesh at the juncture of her thighs peaking at him through the opening in the lace. One long finger stroked her cleft for long minutes, pausing periodically to tease at the ultra sensitive nub. Her head dropped back as a moan escaped and her fingers curled on his chest. He watched the expressions of pleasure flush her face as he penetrated her with first one finger, then two and reached deep to massage her moist flesh.

She gasped, then groaned and moved in sync with his fingers. “God Richie! Yes, right there!”

He grinned. “You’re so beautiful.” His voice was a purring murmur.

Suddenly she pulled away from him and reached for the drawer of the table on her side of the bed.

“Baby? Where are you going?”

“No where.” She assured him as she took something – he couldn’t see what – out of the drawer and hid it behind her back. Resuming her seat, she gently pinned his hands under her knees. “Keep them there for now? Please?”

He nodded, curious to see what she had in mind. The quality of her grin had him rethinking the wisdom of his agreement. Seeing the fluffy feather she revealed had him groaning in anticipation. She could feel his erection bobbing lightly against the small of her back and watched as he closed his eyes for a second as if to brace himself for what he suspected was coming. She didn’t disappoint him. Starting at his shoulders she stroked the feather down first one arm then the other. His biceps twitched. Moving back up to his collarbone she traced several paths over his chest, covering every inch of skin and spending several minutes circling the nailheads of his nipples, watching in fascination as his muscles tensed and contracted in reaction.

“How long are you going to torture me?” He growled.

“Babe, I’m just getting started.” Her blue eyes twinkled and she winked at him.

“You mean your finished.” He pulled his hands out from under her knees and reached for her.

Dropping the feather behind her, she grabbed them before he could take hold of her and moved off him caressing his shaft in the process. He groaned and let his arms drop back to his sides. She straddled him again, this time facing his feet. Picking up the feather again she brushed his thighs with short strokes. His hands rose to smooth over her back.

She paused for a moment debating her next step. A slow smile twisted her lips. Turning her attention to the swollen rod of flesh that never failed to bring her incredible pleasure, she moved the feather from base to tip with long strokes, then flicked it around the ridge.

His thighs tensed and his hips jerked in response. Gripping her hips he tried to move her. She replaced the feather with her hand, wrapping it around his shaft and squeezed. Her other hand cupped his sac. He moaned and tensed even more.

“Baby please! Enough!” He rasped, tugging at her hips.

She shook her head and merely loosened her grip enough to allow her hand to glide up and down his length, pausing to circle the pulsing tip with her thumb, spreading the glistening drop she found there.

He stood it for as long as he could, shuddering as he fought to keep control. When she shifted back so that she could take him in her mouth, it was the last straw. The tightening of his grip was the only warning she had as he jerked her hips out from under her. Her hands flew out to brace herself and she ended up on all fours. Her breath caught as she realized her legs were now straddling his face.

“Richie? What..?” Her voice dried up as she felt his tongue flick her clit.

He chuckled. “Why should you have all the fun?”

She shuddered as he lapped at her. Holding his shaft with one hand she mimicked his motions. When he licked or stroked with his tongue, so did she. When he dipped his tongue into her core, she dipped the tip of hers into the slit on his now aching tip. When he sucked on her clit, she took him into her mouth and suckled as well.

“Jesus! Tori…” He was trembling now, but determined to outlast her.

He closed his teeth around her clit, flicked it with his tongue, then sucked hard and fast. She attempted to keep up, but was forced to release him when her control broke and a scream was torn from her throat as she was thrown over the edge. He continued to lap at her until she started to relax. Taking advantage of her state, he flipped her over onto her back, came up over her, and spreading her thighs wide drove deep inside her.

“Mmmm, baby, you feel so good!” His breath was hot in her ear as he started to pump her.

She turned her head to find his mouth, needing to taste him tasting herself in the process. His hand came up to once again cup a breast, pinching and pulling at the nipple. Knowing that he couldn’t hold back much longer and she wasn’t there yet, he moved his hand down between them to rub her clit in time with his thrusts. When he felt her arms close around him and her sheath start to tighten, his hands slid to her thighs, urging her to wrap her legs around him. When she obliged, he gripped her hips and thrust harder.

“Yes! Richie! Oh God..mmmm…yes…baby…more..harder…there…right there…yes…RICHIE!!!”

Feeling her convulse in his arms he let go and poured into her. They laid there unmoving for long minutes until he was finally able gather enough strength to roll off of her. Several minutes later, when she still hadn’t moved he sat up, removed her two scraps of lace, tugged up the blankets and pulled her into his arms. Cracking open one eye she glanced up at him as she settled more comfortably against him.

He grinned. “I gotta say babe, I love your surprises.”

Chapter 186

“How is Heather doing?” Carol asked at brunch the next day. The women were sitting at the table while the men were schmoozing and accepting congratulations from the other owners and AFL board members who were there for the Commissioner’s brunch.

“She’s home and seems to be feeling a lot better.” Tori answered.

“Have you talked to her?” Dot was curious about their relationship and how things stood between Heather and Richie. She hadn’t liked the amount of time that Richie was spending with Heather when she was first admitted to the hospital. She hoped that situation had sorted itself out.

Tori shook her head. “No. Richie did when she called to ask him to bring Ava back and when he dropped her off.” She saw the look that passed between the other two women. “It’s fine. Really. She is the mother of his child. He can’t ignore her completely. We’ve talked about it. He’s limiting his contact to what’s only absolutely necessary for Ava’s sake and he tells me everytime he talks to her and what they talk about.” She looked at Dorothea. “Unless you know something that I don’t.”

Dorothea shook her head. “No, I just know Heather. If she doesn’t get her way the first time, she manipulates people until she does.”

“How’s Ava holding up?” Carol smiled at how just the mention of the girl’s name brought a soft expression to Tori’s eyes and face.

“She’s amazing. After everything she’s been through – even in just the last six months – she somehow manages to keep a happy, positive attitude.”

“Thanks to you.” Richie pressed a kiss to her temple as he took his seat beside her.

“Me? I haven’t done anything special.”

“Oh no? You just decorate Easter eggs with her, take her shopping, help her with her homework, teach her to cook, play the guitar with her, take her for make overs, play games with her, talk to her.” He replied dryly.

“Exactly. Nothing special.” She looked at Dorothea and Carol, who nodded their agreement.

“It is to her. She’s never experienced much of that.”

“Then we’ll just have to make sure that those things become normal occurances for her.” Tori stated firmly. Richie smiled warmly at her, leaned over and kissed her.

“So what’s your plan for the next month Tori? Just relaxing and working on wedding details?” Dot asked.

“Pretty much.”

“Speaking of wedding details.” Jon sat beside his wife. “We need to talk about what music you want for the ceremony.”

Tori nodded. “We’re working on that. I hope to have it for you next week. By the way, I noticed that when I ordered merchandise from the website it comes from California, so I’m assuming that the warehouse is there.” Jon nodded. “Well, I was thinking that maybe I should go and check it out and get an idea of how their setup works.”

Jon nodded again. “I’ll let them know you’ll be coming.”

Richie stared at Tori for a moment, then looked at Dorothea. They both smiled wryly and shook their heads.

“What?” The siblings demanded.

Richie turned to Carol. “Do Bongiovi’s ever just relax for more than a few hours at a time?”

Carol laughed. “Not in my experience. They always have to have something on the go. I’d like to tell you that it gets better as they get older, but I’d be lying.”

Tori wrinkled her nose at Richie. “Guess you better just get used to it babe.”

He grinned. “Mmmm…guess I’ll just have to find ways to keep you busy.”

A week and a half later, Tori headed to Van Nuys to check out the warehouse operation. Richie had offered to go with her, but she thought things might go smoother without one of the band members looking over their shoulder. The building didn’t have a reception but she noticed a buzzer beside the door. She pressed it and waited. The door was opened by medium built man who appeared to be in his late twenties, with sandy blonde hair and green eyes that narrowed when he saw her.

“Sorry, this isn’t a public building.” He looked her up and down.

Tori smiled. “I know. I’m Tori Adams. I believe you were notified that I would be coming to take a look around.”

He shrugged. “No one gets in here but authorized personel.” He started to close the door.

She grabbed it. “Maybe I didn’t explain myself well. My name is Tori Bongiovi Adams, soon to be Sambora. I’m a member of the merchandizing team for Bon Jovi and I’ve come to familiarize myself with your operation here.”

He snorted. “Lady, I don’t care if you’re the fucking Queen of England, you can’t come in here.”

Tori took a deep breath and a tight grip on her temper. “Who’s in charge here?”

“I am.”

“What’s your name?”

“None of your business.”

Anyone who knew Jon would have recognized the icy glare coming from her narrowed eyes and run for cover. “Do you like your job?” He shrugged. “Do you want to keep it?” He just stared at her. “If you do I suggest that you open the door, let me in and give me your full cooperation…..and a little common courtesy.”

He snorted. “You think you can get me fired?”

“Oh I don’t think it, I know it!” She was so angry she was shaking.

“Listen sweetheart, why don’t you climb back into your little heap of junk over there, and drive back to whatever little hick Midwest town you came from and keep dreaming your little fantasies about how you’re going to get into the Bon Jovi family.” He looked her over again. “And you better come up with a better story. No one’s going to believe that you’re connected to Jon or Richie.” Pushing her hand off the door, he slammed it shut.

“That does it!” Tori reached into her purse for her phone. “Little snot nosed punk!” She scrolled through her saved numbers until she found Paul’s - she wasn’t going to bother Jon with this just yet. “Hi Paul, it’s Tori.”

“Hi Tori, what’s up?” He could hear a strange tone in her voice that he couldn’t quite place.

“Did Jon talk to you about notifying the warehouse in Van Nuys that I was coming to take a look around?”

“Yes, and I called them myself. Why? Is there a problem?”

“You could say that. I’m standing outside unable to get in. The guy that answered the door, told me that he was in charge, but wouldn’t give me his name and told me that he didn’t care if I was the ‘fucking Queen of England’, he wasn’t letting me in and I should go back to whatever hick Midwest town I came from and dream up a new story to try to get into the Bon Jovi family because no one would believe that I was connected to Jon or Richie!” Her voice had risen in both tone and volume by the time she finished.

Now he knew what the tone in her voice had been – the Bongiovi temper being held in check. “I’m sorry Tori. Stay there. I’ll call them right now.”

“Paul? I know it’s not really my business, but…”

“He’s fired.” He assured her. “That kind of rudeness and attitude is not acceptable in this organization.”

“Thank you.” She snapped the phone shut and leaned against the building and waited.

Five minutes later, the door opened and a dark haired thirty-something woman stepped out and looked around until she saw Tori. “Miss Adams, my name is Jennifer, and I want to apologize for Greg’s behaviour. It was totally unprofessional and unacceptable. Please, come in. I’ll be happy to show you around and answer any questions you might have about our operation.”

“Thank you Jennifer. And please call me Tori.” She followed the other woman down a hallway passed some offices. Glancing in one she saw two security guards watching while the blonde punk packed his belongings.

He looked up and saw her. “Bitch!” He snarled.

She stopped and walked back to the open doorway. “Let me give you a little tip for your next job. If you want to be rude and obnoxious to someone who knocks on the door, you’d better make sure it’s not the boss’ sister first. That kind of misjudgement tends to be a real career breaker.” She smiled at the security guards and continued with Jennifer into the warehouse.

Two hours later she thanked Jennifer for her assistance and headed home. Stopping at a convenience store for a drink and a snack, she idly scanned the tabloid headlines while she waited her turn at the cash. Suddenly, a picture caught her eye and she froze. She reached out with a trembling hand and picked up the magazine.

She walked into the house and dropped her purse and keys on the table and headed into the living room.

“Hey babe. How’d it go?” Richie was sitting on the couch watching T.V.

“Just fucking ducky!” She threw the magazine down on the coffee table.

He glanced down and came face to face with an image of himself with Denise wrapped around him, engaged in a very heated kiss.

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